fredag 29 januari 2021


Rm9sbG93ZXJz - sjunde episoden av säsong 11: The X-Files.

En AI släpps lös på Twitter (d.v.s. avsnittets intro):

"SCIENCE: In 2016, on the 23rd of March an artificial-intelligence chatter bot was released by a major American software corporation by the social-media platform Twitter. The talkbot was designed to mimic the online language patterns of an innocent 19-year-old girl and was introduced as an experiment to better understand how humans converse and relate on social media. The quality of her interactions were meant to be friendly and informal. The AI would learn from humans. It was constructed to become progressively performed as designed. The robot did indeed learn, but not as intended. The chat bot's "repeat after me" capability made her vulnerably to humans allowing Twitter users to affect her tweets. Her posts became offensive. Racist. Hateful. After more than 50,000 followers and almost 100,000 tweets the software corporation was forced to shut the bot down. In less than a day, her posts deleted. Humans must take care in teaching AI or one day, we will be the ones deleted."


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